Practical Advice Before You Hire an Escort

When we talk about escort agencies, the very first thing one should note about them is that they are quite common than can ever be imagined! Interestingly, most research surveys indicated that about 20 percent of men staying in North America have, at least once, made payment to have sex. Although, this is perhaps a mildly low statistical figure, as this is not unconnected to the fact that while people take anonymous surveys, many participants do not fully open up. On the average, if one selects a sample of five friends—to say the least—at least one of them will most likely have made use of the services of one escort agency or the other.

The following are practical tips provided by Dolls and Roses to take before hiring a high class London escort:

  • Ratings and Reviews Should be Checked in Advance

Don’t be mistaken, and if it looks like you can read as many as possible reviews online almost about everything, you’re definitely on the right track. Lately, escort agencies and services are not excluded from the burgeoning number of ranking and rating services review websites as evidenced in the fast-growing community of online users.

Numerous websites rank escorts according to some conditions and characteristics. Hence, one can be assured of what to anticipate in advance. Yes, websites like these are potential loopholes and pitfalls to many unsuspecting victims through ghostwriting and authored internet write-ups given that escort agencies may put up asserting and quality comments to wrongly present them as right. Having said this, if one does a little research and inadvertently carry out as many reviews as possible, it’s likely that one will come up with something that’s very near to be being real.

  • Learning a Little Escort Lingua

After you’ve decided to give hiring an escort a trial, the next important thing to note is that in every world of professionalism, there exist unique things therein. Escorts also own distinct language and professional jargon. Verily, it’s a great opinion that one get used to some important words, phrases, and terminologies before getting into a conversation with anyone. This will in no small measure make you look as though you know what you want.

For instance, what an ‘incall’ simply denotes is that one intends to meet an escort in an hotel room or at her apartment while an ‘outcall’ is the exact opposite which means that an escort will be meeting you at any place you choose or desire.  Also, GFE is renown to depict ‘Girlfriend Experience’ whereby an escort will act like a girlfriend and exclude some of the professional distance. There’s also the PSE which stands for ‘Porn Star Experience’ and gives room for exclusively wide range of practical involvements while you are together.

  • The Time Fun Begins

When you’ve discovered someplace where you feel amazing about, this may be an omen that it’s about time you book an appointment. While this may sound quite clinical to the ear, it’s noteworthy that you’re about to purchase a part of someone’s time. Avail your mind the fact that, “time means money!”
Either booking on phone or through the internet, ensure you’ve studied the agency’s website very well. Escorts’ profiles should be well detailed with pictures. Immediately a decision is made, your next point of call is to relax and wait to enjoy the pleasurable company of an escort while it lasts.

Ridiculous Dating Games Escorts Save You From

Although to some people dating is fun and exciting while to others it is simply exhausting. The stress involved in trying to understand the opposite partner, body language and even the games you have to play to win the heart of your partner. Some people have come to the realization that getting an escort is an easier way to get a date and avoid some unnecessary dating games. Some of the dating games escorts save from are mentioned below:

  • Who makes the first move? This is a question that is most frequently asked. Can a woman also make the first move or is it the sole responsibility of the man. Does the man come across as an irresponsible playboy who just needs someone to satisfy his desires if he makes the first move? Would the woman be considered desperate or feministic if she makes the first move? Getting an escort saves you the stress.
  • She’s just a tease. She leads you on and makes you want her one moment, the next moment she backs off or walks away. She makes you feel your relationship is heading somewhere and out of the blues, she wants a break. You can avoid this drama by booking an escort and get teased only when you want to.
  • Playing hard to get. They put you through unnecessary stress of trying to win their heart over even when they are interested in you. They act indifferent and expect you to put in more effort. This might boost your urge to get him or her or serve as a confidence boost to the other party, but that’s not important. This is just another dating game that can be totally avoided irrespective of who is interested in who. An escort saves you from the mental and financial stress that comes along with this kind of game, the more reason you should get one.
  • Jumping through hoops just to make your date happy can be totally avoided. There are times when your date might make unreasonable demands from you. They may be some out there who would not put you through unnecessary stress with their demands and only request for things within your reach and realistic. But when they begin to make ridiculous demands, you can refuse them and save yourself the drama, if they chose to walk away, their choice. Why go through the stress when there is a better option. You can get yourself the perfect escort whenever you wish with little or no trouble.
  • Jealousy is a green-eyed giant. A lot of people believe making their date jealous would reveal how much they are into them. So they go about flirting with others even when on a date having the mindset that this will make their date fight harder for them or profess his or her love for them to prove they are genuine. Would you love to avoid this ridiculous dating game and spare yourself the drama? Get yourself an escort, case settled.

Risks Involved In Escorting

Every job in the world, from driving, to medical practice, to space travel, has occupational hazards attached to it. Some of these risks are often not peculiar to a particular line of work. Cab drivers, for instance, are at higher risks of sustaining physical injuries from car wrecks, and those in customer relations are more likely to deal with insults from unsatisfied customers. Escorts are not spared from all of these. They too face many risks, the prior knowledge of which can help anybody in that line of work to prepare themselves better. Below are some of the risks that come with the escort service territory:

  1. Risks to personal safety: This poses one of the biggest threats to those in the business. Escorts encounter different kinds of client almost daily and never know what to expect with each one. Although it is true that many of their clients are ‘professionals’ – individuals who want to do business, without other evil intents, yet, occasionally, no matter how careful they may have been in screening these clients, escorts are often exposed to violence on the job. Many are known to have been robbed at knife or gunpoint, raped or worse, killed in this work. Personal safety cannot be emphasized enough. That is why it is important for you as an escort to be security conscious at all times and try to arm yourself with protective devices like Tasers, pepper sprays or better still, employ the services of a driver or bodyguard if you can afford it.
  • Health risks: This is another major risk to escorts. From skin infections, the common cold, and flu, to STDs and even HIV in extreme cases, there are too many dangers to health that the escort stands a high risk of facing. It is, therefore, imperative for you to be mindful of your health and protect yourself against anything that has the potential to threaten your health. Always have condoms handy just in case date with a client turns intimate, to protect yourself, not just from sexually transmitted diseases, but also, unwanted pregnancies. Also, endeavor to go for periodic health checks too.
  • Phone addiction: Since escorts conduct most of their business transactions online- setting up meetings with clients, receiving and responding to emails, chatting up clients and sometimes, even family or friends, or posting escort ads, there is the inevitable tendency to always be on their phones, thus creating an unhealthy attachment to the device. To curtail this, try to set out specific times in the day to handle your communications, thereby giving yourself time away from your phone for other pursuits.
  • Paranoia: This may seem far-fetched and unfounded, but fear of running into one of their clients at every corner while they are out shopping with family or friends, is also one of the things that escorts have to deal with. However, this is not something to lose sleep over especially as the chances of that happening is very slim. Also, since your clients are not as eager to meet you outside of arranged meetings or dates as well, bumping into them accidentally may not be as awkward as you fear. There is no need to fret unnecessarily over this. It is merely what it is: paranoia.